Why you should switch to a hair conditioner without silicone

Après-shampooing sans silicone

Silicones are used in almost every mainstream hair care product to improve appearance and give you that soft, shiny feeling hair. While it remains an effective ingredient in hair conditioners, we say “no-no”. Learn why you should switch to a hair conditioner without silicone!

What are silicones?

Silicone is a cheap and effective substance that is added to hair care products. Manufacturers add silicones in products like hair conditioners because it coats the hair shaft. Many people use conditioners because it makes the hair easier to comb, gives it a smooth feel and makes it look shiny. So if a product that contains silicones provides a wide range of benefits, why change?

Because silicones only give a temporary illusion of smooth, sleek and shiny hair. Products that contain silicones are hard to wash out which means over time it builds up in your hair. When the silicone layers buildup, it weighs down the hair leaving it looking dull and lifeless. By clinging to the hair, silicones mask the true condition and problems of the hair. When your hair has a difficult time breathing, it makes it harder to retain and absorb moisture. And hair that lacks moisture becomes complicated and difficult to manage.

How to switch to a silicone-free product

Switching to a hair conditioner without silicone can only improve the quality of your hair. But be prepared for the transition period. Remember that your hair may have a buildup of silicones and it can take time to remove that residue from the hair. Your first attempt at using a hair conditioner which contains no silicone will most likely result in dull looking, hard to comb out hair. That’s when you’ll a get a true understanding of your hairs real condition, so don’t be alarmed.

Having patience and riding out this transition period will be worth it in the long run. By eliminating the silicone buildup present in your hair, it’s an opportunity to finally start caring for your strands and let your hair slowly come back to life.

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