Looking for hair dye without ppd?

Dye without PPD reduces the chance of allergic reactions

Have you suffered from an allergic reaction as a result of using hair dye with PPD? Are you looking for an alternative? Try This Green’s hair dye without PPD. We offer a new advanced technique to color hair in a natural way.

When should you opt for hair dye without PPD?

PPD ( Paraphenylenediamine) is a chemical substance found in hair color – most often in darker shades. Many companies use it because it provides long-lasting color; however, PPD is responsible for causing severe allergic reactions. For some, reactions start as soon as the chemical comes in contact with the skin causing rashes, swelling, itchiness, and/or stinging on or around the head area. If you’ve experienced any of these, then you’ve come to the right place. We, at This Green, have created a new advanced hair dye formula without PPD. Our colorant is a cleaner alternative that effectively colors hair without any of the damaging side effects of chemicals. Read on to find out more about our natural hair dye…

This Green: A natural hair dye without PPD

This Green’s natural hair dye without PPD is an excellent solution for anyone who suffers from skin allergies.  Our hypoallergenic dye is a made from a unique blend of natural ingredients: sun-dried flower petals, plants, barks, and water. This all-natural dye achieves perfect color results as any other mainstream colorant would, without the negative side-effects. On the contrary, our dye treats sensitive scalps with the utmost respect. The nurturing plant-based ingredients intensively nourish the hair fiber and scalp while leaving your strands shiny and soft.

Moreover, the dye is also an environmentally friendly product because the ingredients are 100% pure, natural, and vegan. So not only does your hair benefit from it, but it’s better for our planet and wildlife. With so many positives, how could you not give our product a try? Invest in your hair and discover a new way of coloring with a helping hand from nature.

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