4 natural hair loss treatments and remedies

natural hair loss treatments and remedies

Aaaah spring is back! The birds are singing, and the flowers are blossoming. You should feel uplifted, right? Wrong, because for some it’s hair loss or shedding season. This panic-inducing period is where you notice clumps of hair clinging to your hands. The good news is you can combat this troublesome problem. This Green shares its hair loss treatments and secrets to help you deal with the seasonal spring-setback. 

Regular scalp massages ensure hair growth

Massages offer so many incredible benefits when it comes to your hair. Regular scalp massages reactivate blood circulation. If you have poor blood circulation in the scalp, you need to simulate and increase blood flow which conditions your hair follicles. Massages are one of the most effective hair loss treatments today, known and linked to promoting hair growth.

Use essential oils to reduce hair loss

This brings us nicely onto the next point. Essential oils are treasures of nature. They solve many skin-related problems linked to hair loss. We strongly recommend using Rosemary, Ylang Ylang and Lemongrass essential oils to strengthen the hair. Let’s not forget, Atlas cedar, Cypress and Grapefruit essential oils that have natural sedative properties which can combat hair falling and shedding. Make essential oils a part of your daily beauty routine by adding a few drops to your shampoo or hair care products. Essential oils really are an effective solution for hair shedding problems.

Take vitamin supplements

Vitamins are known to stimulate hair follicles; therefore a lack of these vital vitamins can lead to hair loss. Keeping hair healthy and happy requires a good diet but you also need to focus on the nutrients you get from specific vitamins and minerals that are particularly needed to promote healthy hair. For example, magnesium is essential for the hair. You can easily find magnesium in foods such as nuts, dry fruits and whole grains. Another supplement is zinc. You can find it in beef, oysters, lentils, egg yolk or wholemeal bread.

Keep hair moisturised

There is nothing more distressing than seeing your gorgeous strands falling out which is why we suggest keeping your hair moisturised and hydrated. You need to feed your hungry and thirsty hair frequently. Our recommendation? A vegetable oil hair bath. We encourage you to use castor or argan oil that will moisturise dull and tired hair. It will make the hair shiny and keep follicles nourished. Oils condition the hair, making them look smooth and soft — another hair loss treatment that’s and completely natural.

To help you deal with seasonal hair loss problems, This Green has developed the “Bioleic Care” pre-shampoo treatment. Enriched with Argan oil and vitamin E, our treatment deeply hydrates your hair and significantly reduces hair loss. What’s more, it is suitable for all types of hair and scalps.

Read more about our Bioleic Care oil here

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