Natural Hair Oil for Split Ends

nourrir les pointes sèches huile naturelle pour pointes sèches huile naturelle pour cheveux

Help! Are your split ends making you want to grab a pair shears? Well, don’t chop your coif just yet. Our natural hair oil formulated for split ends may be the hair hero you’ve been searching for. Allow us to guide you through this problem…

What are split ends and how to prevent them?

Firstly, it’s important to understand what split ends are: split ends (trichoptilosis) are two or more forked shared strands that are fraying or separating. Any and every thing could cause split ends, even daily wear. Hair can get damaged by excessive heat-related styling, chemical dyes, extreme weather conditions or a lack of treatment. There is, however, a solution, yes! Natural oil may prevent split ends. But, before you drown your strands in oil, you’ll need to do some damage control.

  • Here are some ways you can prevent ends from further splitting:
  • Break up with your heated styling tools or turn the heat way down
  • Gently dab your dripping hair with a towel, rather than blow-drying
  • Avoid using chemical colourants. Try a natural plant-based dye until your split ends are under control

What’ve you got to lose? A good hair care routine will only benefit your hair.

Why use oil for split ends?

There are a number of products that can help nourish hair. However, if your goal is to transform fried ends into sleek strands you’ll need to feed them – and a natural oil may what’s missing from your daily hair regimen. Natural, fatty oils have vitamins and nutrients that condition the hair shaft. Additionally, using oil for your split ends can help to strengthen and repair your hair. Choosing the right oil can really be an excellent rehydrating agent for brittle and damaged hair.

This Green’s natural hair oil

At This Green, we specialize in natural hair care treatments, which is why we recommend treating split ends with a plant-based oil. Our Bioleic oil, for example, is enriched with olive and essential oils of safflower, sesame, argan and jojoba. This natural oil works as a pre-shampoo that you massage onto strands in order to treat your ends. The treatment regenerates and conditions your hair leaving strands soft and sleek. What’s more, This Green’s Bioleic oil bears the coveted Ecogarantie organic certification.

Even the most damaged hair can be repaired to its natural state with the right oil for split ends.

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