Natural hair coloring: sustainability first

Natuur haarverf: een milieuvriendelijke en vegan natuur verf voor het haar

Are you curious about the ecological benefits of using natural hair coloring? With so many of us in search for natural solutions, we guarantee that This Green’s natural hair dye is 100% sustainable and vegan. How great is that?

Clean natural hair coloring

Our natural hair color dyes are sustainable and nature-friendly, a perfect alternative for people looking for a clean solution. This Green has created a professional range of hairdressing products while attaching great importance and focus on ecological production. By doing so, we believe we are protecting our planet and making the future a little brighter for the next generation.

So how do we ensure that our natural hair color range is sustainable? Environmental issues are at the heart of the company. First and foremost we are mindful of our transportation process. This Green is a Belgian brand, so there is no immense pollution from transportation. All our products are manufactured locally in Meulebeke, in West Flanders. We also choose suppliers who position themselves as sustainable within the Belgian area. So again we reduce our environmental impact and lower our air pollution emissions.

What’s more, we also choose partners who share our values. Lastly, our ingredients are natural and organic. Our natural hair dye range consists only of grounded powder from plants, flowers, barks… and water. It is, therefore, a very ecological and sustainable way to color the hair.

Vegan hair dye

We also attach great importance to animal welfare and focus on protecting all wildlife. Using natural hair dyes means coloring hair with a clear conscience because our haircare range is vegan. This means that no animals have been mistreated to produce our line of products. A value that we stand by and are incredibly proud of.

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