Why use natural henna hair dye?

Henna kleuring voor het haar gebeurt met natuurlijke pigmenten

Wondering what makes natural henna hair dye so unique? Are all henna-based dyes created equally? We explain everything clearly in the article below…

Chemical vs Natural henna dye for hair


Hair coloring is a matter of chemistry! With mainstream dyes, this means using oxidizing agents. It all starts with opening the hair cuticles. Once opened, the oxidizing agents replace the natural melanin pigments in hair. This is how conventional chemical dyes change the color of your hair. Henna hair dye; however, is a natural alternative to chemical coloring.


The orange-red leaves of the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis) – a small, tropical shrub – have been used for centuries in natural beauty products. Our 100% organic henna blend consists of only sun-dried flowers, plants, barks, herbs, and water. Color from these ethically-sourced ingredients affix to the hair shaft rather than opening the hair cuticle. You’ll feel, smell, and see a completely different result than if you were to color your hair chemically. Plant dye gently coats the hair fiber and does not change the internal structure of the hair or damage the scalp. Additionally, our eco-friendly henna blend protect the hairs natural oils and boosts moisture!

Why color with natural henna?

The extracts from the dye coat every strand and add a protective layer on it, conditioning the hair fiber while coloring. Using an herbal dye like henna has many benefits. For example, hair is protected from extreme climate conditions like wind or sun exposure, and henna enhances your hair’s natural beauty. The nurturing elements of the plants care for the hair, soothe the scalp, and leave hair glistening.

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