A natural mask with clay is the solution for oily hair

A natural mask with clay: environmentally friendly thanks to the eco-friendly clay mask

Looking for the best way to combat oily hair? Here’s everything you need to know about what causes oily hair and how a natural mask with clay can help.

What causes oily hair?

The cause of oily hair can be put down to an oily scalp. The scalp is made up of sebaceous glands that secrete an oily substance, known as sebum, to protect the skin and keep it supple. However, if too much sebum is produced, the hair becomes oily. Whether or not your hair turns oily quickly depends on the amount of sebum your scalp produces.

How can a natural mask with clay treat oily hair?

Clay is derived from natural rock material and can be used for a wide variety of things. It can be used to make roof tiles and bricks, for example, but it can also be used in cosmetics. A truly multi-functional product! In the cosmetic industry, green clay is used as a clay mask to treat oily hair. The clay absorbs the excess sebum and cleanses the scalp.

Why the eco-friendly Natural Detox Clay is the perfect solution

This Green’s Natural Detox Clay is a natural clay mask and contains a mix of green clay, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and Atlas cedarwood essential oils. The green clay absorbs and dries out all toxins, impurities, and excess sebum that the skin excretes. On the other hand, Atlas cedarwood, tea tree, and jojoba oils are added to the mask to ensure that the hair stays hydrated and supple.

To minimize our ecological footprint, the Natural Detox Clay wholly contains environmentally friendly ingredients. So it’s both a natural and eco-friendly clay mask. The mask is also Ecogarantie-certified. Ecograntie is the strictest eco-label on the European market and rigorously inspects the origin, processing, and usage of all ingredients. So they don’t only assess if it’s a natural mask with clay; they use strict criteria to determine its eco-friendliness and impact on the environment.

Discover our eco-friendly clay mask here

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