Will organic hair dye really cover & color my grey hair?

Grijs haar kleuren met biologische haarverf: perfecte grijsdekking

Is there an organic hair dye out there to cover and color grey hair? Can it provide me with complete grey hair coverage? In a word – yes. This Green manufactures its own brand of organic hair dyes, and we are here to answer your questions. 

How can organic hair dye provide perfect color coverage for grey hair?

Regular dye jobs to color grey hair can take a toll on the health of your locks. In the long run, you’ll notice signs of damage. Does that mean you should stop dyeing your hair altogether? Not necessarily. The hair care market is switching to organic hair dyes as an alternative solution. Nowadays, the possibilities and color options to cover greys are endless: from bright blondes to deep blacks. Dyeing grey hair using organic hair colorants can be achieved in two different ways:

1. Balayage-effect

This chic freehand technique using our organic and natural hair dye colors grey hair with soft streaks to create a natural-looking effect. Balayage makes grey hair look lighter, while your basic hair color will be somewhat darker. The results are amazing with less noticeable regrowth lines as this technique adds a soft, sun-kissed dimension to the strands. We recommend this method if your greys are evenly distributed to get the best results.

2. All over uniform color

If you prefer an all-over uniform color, without the highlighting effects, This Green’s organic hair dye is up to the task. Our 100% natural plant-based dye can be used to provide 100% long-lasting coverage of grey hair.

Do organic hair colorants work?

Yes, the natural plant color pigments color your hair. Everything starts with sun-dried flowers, plants, and barks. Once these natural plant extracts are completely dry, they are ground into a fine powder. This nutrient-rich powder is then mixed with warm water and turned into a creamy paste to cover the grey strands. There is nothing more natural than this to maintain the health of your hair. Are you convinced that organic hair colorants can cover your greys? Click here to discover all of our different color options.

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