Say No To Palm Oil In Beauty Products!

Palm oil in beauty products is a major concern. Sustainable palm oil products from This Green

Conventional palm oil is virtually found in everything from food, cleaning goods to cosmetics. This oil is added to many beauty and skin care products for its moisturising benefits and is doing more damage to the planet than we think. It’s the worst environmental disaster in our history causing deforestation. We explain the current issues surrounding palm oil.

The use of palm oil in beauty products

The beauty industry’s most valuable ingredient palm oil has untold advantages for cosmetic and skin care products. Companies only need a few drops of this highly versatile vegetable oil to make an effective skin care product. Palm oil is added to hair care products for its anti-aging properties because it deeply moisturizes, nourishes and adds shine to hair. It can also be found in sunscreen products, soap bars and even lipsticks; it’s everywhere.

Palm oil production destroy rainforests

Palm oil in beauty products is not harmful but it’s production has a disastrous effect on our rainforests. Being a low-cost substance, the multinational beauty industry have a high demand for it. As a result, this oil is coming under scrutiny as its production is contributing to deforestation worldwide. The conventional production methods is threatening wildlife and ripping away land owned by indigenous people. In a nutshell, using palm oil does make businesses profitable but at the expense of nature. So how can we start to reduce our dependency on this oil?

Sustainable palm oil at This Green

The campaign against palm oil in beauty products is growing. At This Green, we do not use conventional palm oil derived from harmful conditions. Fortunately, there is an alternative: Sustainable Palm Oil. Using sustainable palm oil ensures fair working conditions for workers, does not deprive people of their land, prohibits the destruction of natural tropical forests and protects areas where endangered species live.

We only use a very small percentage of sustainable palm oil, which is less than 0.001%, in our Color Protection Shampoo. We provide highly natural products from plant-based ingredients. Organically grown, some of the ingredients contain traces of palm oil, however does not make the entire composition of the product.

We want to be as transparent as possible with our customers, which is why you can find a complete composition of all our products on the website. For every product we offer, you’ll be able to find a detailed list of ingredients. We prize sustainability above everything else.

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