No more acne thanks to a plant-based mask with clay

A plant-based mask with clay can help combat acne and is also an environmentally friendly clay mask

Are you struggling with acne or oily skin? A plant-based mask with clay may be the solution. You’d also be doing the planet a favor with this environmentally friendly clay mask!

What is acne?

Everyone struggles with pimples at times. But why is that? Here’s all you need to know. The skin is made up of many sebaceous glands that secrete an oily substance known as sebum. If these sebaceous glands produce too much sebum, the pores become clogged and cause inflammation. These inflamed pores give rise to pimples and acne. This typically happens there where many sebaceous glands can be found, including the face and back. That’s why it’s advisable to use a plant-based mask with clay from time to time to bring the sebum production into balance.

Tips for preventing acne

1. Adopt a healthy diet

A healthy diet is an important factor when it comes to acne. Choose for whole foods (unprocessed foods) as these are not only good for your body but also for your skin. Try eating less junk food, sweets, and cookies and replacing these with a piece of fruit or with a handful of nuts or seeds.

2. Avoid touching your skin as much as possible

Though this proves difficult for many people, it’s important to avoid touching your skin as much as possible if you want clear skin. This is because your hands carry many bacteria, which only make the inflammation of the skin worse.

3.Use a plant-based mask with clay

This Green had developed a plant-based mask with clay to combat acne and oily hair. The green clay absorbs and dries out any impurities and excess sebum. This restores the skin’s balance and reduces excess sebum production. The result? The acne and pimples will clear away, and you’ll be left with clean, smooth skin once more.

This mask is also an environmentally friendly clay ask. Besides green clay, many other natural ingredients are added, including atlas cedarwood and tea tree essential oils, as well as jojoba oil. Why? Because these oils prevent the skin from drying out completely by keeping the skin hydrated during the application of the plant mask with clay.

This environmentally friendly clay mask ensures you can treat your hair without damaging the environment. It’s true: everything we rinse out ends up in the ocean. But given that Natural Detox Clay is an environmentally friendly clay mask, this won’t cause any problem. This is also guaranteed by Ecograntie: a certification that performs the strictest checks in Europe. So choose a plant-based mask with clay to treat your acne and minimize your ecological footprint.

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