Neutral 400h

Neutral henna

Strengthen, nourish, and revitalize your hair from root to ends.

Neutral henna is our hair superhero ! It brings all the benefits of natural hair dye without any coloring effects. In addition to providing shine, it strengthens your hair and protects its natural color. A true rejuvenating treatment for radiant hair !



How to use
Like a natural hair dye, to prepare your neutral henna, simply mix the magical powder we’ve crafted with warm water. Stir well to obtain a paste. At a comfortable temperature, apply the mixture to dry hair, from roots to lengths, in compact layers. Rinse thoroughly. Easy, right? Apply once a month for dreamy locks (maximum application time of 20 minutes for blondes).
In order to the magic to happen, mix 220 ml of boiling water with 100g of neutral henna.
Hair type
Neutral henna is suitable for all hair types.
Neutral henna creates a protective layer around each hair strand, helping them withstand external aggressions. This natural barrier helps limit moisture loss and prevents split ends. Neutral henna also has smoothing properties that will help coat your hair, giving it a shinier and silkier appearance.


Cassia Italica (Neutral Henna) Leaf Extract

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