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Organic hair dye

The color that protects your hair the natural way!
This Green offers a range of organic hair dyes. This range is made up of 11 pigments that are combined to create unique and custom colors. Our organic hair dye is made solely of natural ingredients — flowers, plants and spices — for intense colors that respect the planet, your body, and the natural structure of your hair!


Organic hair dye

Plants and water,
nothing more!

In-depth care and incredible shine

Intense, long-lasting colors

100% organic composition

Who's it for?

Suitable for all!

This Green is suitable for everyone who wants to dye their hair in a healthy, natural way while respecting both the planet and their body. This Green stands for sustainable, organic and healthy beauty. All while restoring your hair’s incredible softness, vitality and shine!

Sensitive and reactive scalps

Do you suffer from a sensitive scalp or allergic reactions? Then This Green is the perfect remedy. Thanks to its entirely organic composition, our hair dye is suitable for even the most sensitive scalps. If you’ve had negative experiences with synthetic hair dye in the past, this is the perfect solution for you!

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Usually, you’re advised to stop dyeing your hair once you’re pregnant. Chemical ingredients found in synthetic hair dye can be harmful during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, organic hair dye is made entirely of plant-based ingredients that are 100% organic. This means there is no risk involved for you or your (future) baby. So, who’s ready to maintain their gorgeous locks during pregnancy and breastfeeding?


After chemotherapy, the body and scalp are very fragile. That’s why it’s important to treat your hair and scalp carefully once regrowth has started. Doctors recommend two solutions: either avoid dyeing your hair altogether or opt for an extremely gentle, plant-based alternative. The latter is made of an extremely mild and organic composition that colors the hair without damaging it. In fact, it goes as far as to strengthen the hair and scalp, which promotes hair growth and a healthy head of hair.

Follow our plant dye training programs!

Organic hair coloring is a skilled trade. To fully master this art, we recommend a comprehensive training program to learn the tricks of the trade. There’s a significant difference in the color theory of synthetic and organic hair dye. That’s why it’s important to correctly inform yourself on how organic coloring works. How? The This Green team is ready to help!

Infinite possibilities

Check out some of the best results with the This Green organic hair dye And don’t forget: each formula and color is entirely made to measure, for a unique and personalized color. Pretty amazing, right?
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Protect your color!

Do you want to protect the intense color of your organic hair dye for as long as possible? Then love and care for it with a mild hair treatment that’s 100% organic. That’s how you avoid your hair coming into contact with chemical ingredients, such as silicones, that harm your color. That’s why This Green developed a special hair care routine for color-treated hair. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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