Sodium Picramate in our Safran Hair Color

le sodium picramate dans la coloration safran

Our overall objective is to color your hair in a gentle and caring way while respecting the environment. Our Safran hair color contains a very minimal amount of Sodium Picramate. People still have many questions surrounding this substance. This article explores how and when to use it.

Our pigment: Safran

Safran is an intense copper-red dye pigment that gives a warm glow to the hair. It is composed of plants such as henna, senna (Cassia Senna) or Manjishta (Rubia Cordifolia). However, the fact that Safran contains traces of Sodium Picramate makes some people doubt our values. We know people have labelled Sodium Picramate as a problematic substance when it comes to the environment and human health.

Sodium Picramate: a respectful sodium salt

Sodium Picramate is a sodium salt of picramic acid, and therefore, does not constitute as being a natural ingredient. This can lead to doubts about the composition of the Safran pigment. But with our expert knowledge of the salt, we can eliminate these doubts.

This Green has thoroughly investigated the usage of this salt before deciding whether or not to use it. The SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety) have confirmed that Sodium Picramate has no negative consequences if used below the recommended 0.6% limit. This Green respects this study and naturally remains below this maximum limit. Rest assured, the remaining composition consists solely of sun-dried plants, flowers, barks… and water. We can, therefore, say with certainty that Safran does not have any negative impact on the environment or the body.

This Green: 100% transparency

You’re probably wondering why we use Sodium Picramate in the first place? The reason behind this is, it considerably shortens the processing time. Without this element, the application time can take up to 3 to 4 hours to achieve the same color result. Which is why we only use traces of Sodium Picramate (well below the maximum recommended limit). And after careful consideration, and taking into account our values, knowing we do not pose any risk to the environment nor human health, we decided to include it in our Safran composition.