Beautiful hair that protects the earth as well as your health? This Green is the organic brand you’re looking for! This Belgian-based brand offers local, organic and professional-quality products.

Our commitments


This Green products are part of the in-house production in Belgium. From formulation to packaging, we’re responsible for the entire production process. The short supply chain means we’re in direct contact with you, the consumer, without the need for intermediaries.

Qualité This Green
Authenticité This Green


The naturally sourced products from This Green are certified organic. Our hair care products and organic hair dye are made of natural ingredients of the highest quality.


This Green is committed to protecting the planet. This is enforced by our zero-waste policy, the use of recycled and recyclable packaging, refillable bottles… and a ‘clean’ formula that guarantees biodegradable products.

Environnement This Green
Éthique This Green


This Green is an ethically responsible brand. Our in-house production ensures good working conditions, our suppliers don’t engage in any animal testing, and our products are 100% cruelty-free and vegan… We do everything in our power to protect man, animals and the planet.

organic label

an exceptional label that guarantees the exclusive use of natural ingredients, a maximum effort to reduce our ecological footprint, and an ethically responsible code of conduct.

This Green is checked and certified by the world’s best label. Ecogarantie is the strictest label in Europe with strict terms of reference that leave no room for interpretation.

Independent control

Ecogarantie is a non-profit organization. Each product is checked and verified by an independent control body to avoid any conflict of interest.

100% organic

To obtain the label, 100% of the natural ingredients contained in the product must be organic.


The natural products contained in the labelled products must be biodegradable.

No GGO and petrochemicals

At this moment in time, Europe is yet to regulate the use of GGOs. However, Ecogarantie has taken initiative and won’t certify any products containing GGOs. The same goes for petrochemicals: Where Europe still authorizes the use of certain petrochemical ingredients, Ecogarantie refuses to certify production that contains any form of petrochemicals.

Our philosophy

Beautiful hair, a protected planet and a healthy body.

This Green is your partner brand for conscious, natural, and responsible hair care.

Discover the power of Mother Nature for even more beautiful hair. Nature offers a plethora of incredible ingredients with which we can make powerful hair care treatments and intense natural colors. We thank Mother Nature for everything she offers and we aim to protect both the planet and its animals. This makes This Green suitable for anyone looking to care for and protect their personal health, the welfare of animals and the prosperity of the planet.

Let’s prove that sustainable beauty is true beauty. Let’s do it together!

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