Vegan Hair Dyes Guarantee Perfect Results

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As the vegan lifestyle spreads to grow, so do vegan products. Amongst these products, people are looking for vegan hair dyes. These are 100% natural hair color alternatives for conscious consumers wanting to combine clean beauty with eco-friendly techniques. For this reason, we have developed an alternative hair colorant that gives the best of both worlds.

What are vegan hair dyes?

Vegan hair dyes are plant-derived dyes containing all the richness of nature. Our 100% natural hair color contains high quality and ethically sourced ingredients, making them a wholly organic product. And natural ingredients in dyes are better for the hair. They give love back to hair by making it look lush and shiny while guaranteeing impressive color results. For those suffering from a sensitive scalp or chemical allergies (like PPD or ammonia) 100% natural hair color is a great alternative. Possibly most important, these herbal dyes take animal welfare into consideration.

At this Green, we have replaced these toxic substances with natural ingredients like olive oil. This golden magic oil enriched with essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C, D, and E, can make your hair color beautiful, shiny and soft while offering perfect color coverage.

Consumer conscious hair coloring

At This Green, we are passionate about clean beauty. Enthusiastic about a more natural approach to hairdressing, we want to preserve the health of those who are searching for natural hair care products. Therefore, we chose to squeeze out lab-based chemical components from our hair dye formulas. Also, we take animal welfare very seriously, which is ideal for vegans.

100% natural hair color

We understand that environmentally-conscious consumers may prefer a vegan hair dye for it’s natural and ethical composition. With you in mind, This Green has developed a 100% natural hair color alternative. It is super gentle on your scalp and hair while guaranteeing perfect color coverage – even on stubborn grey hairs.

Now you know, vegan hair dyes can satisfy your color desires while delivering on the promise of being eco-friendly. With everything to gain, will you to make the switch for good?

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