What is vegetal hair dye?

Wat is bio haarverf: 100% natuurlijk zongedroogd plantenpoeder

What is vegetal hair dye, and why are people turning to this natural and eco-friendly alternative? With the industry showcasing the advantages of clean beauty, we believe you may have some questions. We’ll be answering these questions for you in this article.

About vegetal hair dye

A vast range of natural hair care products have recently found their place in hair salons and supermarket shelves. Natural hair dyes are believed to be better for your hair strands and are gaining popularity. Natural vegetal hair dyes are composed of good-for-the-hair plant ingredients. It consists only of water and plant extract pigments (for example henna). These natural pigments feed and nourish the hair while coloring it. The hair color coats the strands without adjusting the inner hair fibre. This revolutionary way of coloring the hair protects and strengthens your strands without causing any color damage. It also prevents damage caused by external factors such as sun, wind, pollution… In a nutshell, it’s a win-win for both you and your hair.

Furthermore, the plant-based vegetal hair dyes are eco-responsible versions that give you the same colour results. They are nature-friendly and produced with consideration for our wildlife. We attach great importance to this: after all, we are a sustainable and responsible company.

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Optimal care for your color-treated hair

Dyed hair requires more TLC. This means investing in the right products to protect your color and hair and keep it from drying out and maintaining color intensity for longer. For this, we recommend the Color Protection Conditioner. It’s a moisturising and detangling conditioner, specially formulated for colour-treated hair. The conditioner has intense moisturising qualities so that your colored hair does not lose intensity and increases shine.

Caring for your strands is important between colour appointments. Our natural oil Bioleic Care is suitable for this. The oil will nourish and hydrate your hair, locking moisture to protect your strands.