A natural shampoo for color-treated hair

A natural shampoo for color-treated hair

Using organic hair products is a great step forward for healthy locks. And if your hair has been treated with color, then there is nothing more nurturing than a natural shampoo. Filled with pure soap nuts and vegetable oils, our 100% organic shampoo keeps color looking rich, vibrant and beautiful.

Why use a natural shampoo for color-treated hair?

There are a number of reasons to go organic for your color-treated hair: split ends, lack of volume, lifeless hair… . Your tresses are begging for TLC. If you are one of the many consumers who have been left down by conventional you’ve come to the right place. Natural organic hair products are one of the most effective ways to deal with an array of hair problems.

The clean beauty movement embraces eco-friendly alternatives, and our 100% organic shampoo for color-treated hair is a fantastic example. No matter your hair type, nor your reason for crossing over to natural hair care, our organic shampoo is suitable for your hair. 

Natural care for colored hair

The upkeep of your hair’s natural condition and color requires more attention once any color has been applied. Moisture and proteins escape hair follicles at a faster pace meaning natural oils must be replenished for your hair’s overall health.

At the base of our natural shampoo is a blend of wholesome plant proteins, essential oils, vitamins and fruit extracts. Our organic shampoo for color-treated hair is chalk-full of restorative nutrients.

This Green’s organic hair products

This Green’s range of organic hair products is suitable for all hair types, including chemically treated hair. Our organic hair products gently cleanse, maintain color for longer, and infuse hair with moisture. This Green’s natural hair care line just may be the remedy your hair is craving.

Our organic shampoo for color-treated hair is overflowing with natural goodness like pure soap nuts and vegetable oils.  Enriched with essential oils of sweet orange and bergamot, this shampoo is lightly scented and delicate on your hair and scalp.

Like the majority of our organic hair products, our shampoo for color-treated hair has the Ecogarantie® certified label! This label (one of the strictest in Europe) guarantees that we respect humans, animal welfare and nature!

Discover the amazing benefits of our natural shampoo for color-treated hair, here!

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