Hair Bleach
with white clay

Lighten and repair hair in no time

Astonishing results

This Green bleach lightens the pigments in the hair for beautiful results. Highlights, balayage or other creative techniques; This Green bleach is just the thing you’re looking for! This product is made from white clay, plant-based oils, silk proteins and other natural treasures that bleach your hair in a natural and gentle way! It’s the perfect way to lighten your hair without having it feel like straw.

Active ingredients

White clay

White clay powder affects hair pigmentation. Compared to traditional hair dye, white clay powder lightens the hair in an extremely gentle way. It also has restorative properties that leave the hair soft, supple and healthy.

Argile blanche This Green
Protéine de soie This Green

Silk proteins

Silk proteins are invaluable to the hair. They deeply repair the hair, strengthen the hair fibers and prevent breakage. And their softening and hydrating properties leave the hair soft and shiny.

Maiz proteins

Maize proteins strengthen the hair follicles and protect the hair. They nourish, hydrate and restore shine to the hair fiber. By strengthening the hair follicles, maize proteins prevent breakage and hair loss. This ingredient is particularly beneficial for repairing bleached hair. So it’s the perfect remedy when using This Green bleach!

Protéine de maïs This Green

Color Protection

Pick the best hair care routine to make the most of your new color!

The Color Protection range has been specially designed for bleached and color-treated hair.

The routine is made up of an in-depth oil treatment, a mild shampoo and an intensely hydrating conditioner. This adapted hair treatment guarantees an intense, shiny and long-lasting color.

For professionals only

This Green alternative color requires good technical know-how. That’s why it’s exclusively available to professionals. Are you a professional hairdresser? Then log in or create an account to place an order.

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